Dead Marker Alchemist

Dead Marker Alchemist is a virtual learning space run by Carly Filewich. The name reflects a childhood passion of Carly's: collecting old junk and making stuff from it. Okay, maybe it's a lifelong passion.

The point of the space is to connect learners from all over the world. We come here to learn together with support and encouragement.

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Keyboard and Mouse

My daughter struggled being in a remote town, social isolated due to bullying and a less than supportive school environment. She requested to be homeschooled and we've been engaged in that successfully (more unschooling than anything) for 3 years. She has been in recess class for about a year and a half now and it's been a true gift to her. Developing relationships, conversation, engaging in games and imagination play has been so much fun and something she looks forward to all week. We are so grateful to Carly for providing this space for joy!