What is Dead Marker Alchemist?

DMA is a learning space where you'll find educational resources and live online (Zoom) classes for learners 5 years and up.  Our self directed or unschool philosophy is strength-based, meaning learners are encouraged to bring the best of themselves to every subject.  Learning is always interactive. 

Carly Filewich is the host of all the live meetings hosted on Dead Marker Alchemist.  Carly is a learner who is dedicated to exploring and creating.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria, and is a certified early childhood educator and Mom who lives in BC, Canada.  She's worked in both school and early years settings and now ​has a keen interest in developing online communities.  Her aim in hosting live groups is to dedicate a space for relationship in learning.  Follow Dead Marker Alchemist on Instagram to see what Carly and her family are up to.

Why is it called Dead Marker Alchemist?

When Carly was smaller, she had a laboratory. Her lab contained the tools she needed to unlock secrets and create magic. She collected seeds, stones and flowers. She tested and observed the things she found.

One day, during a particular stroke of genius inspiration, Carly used her dad's pliers to crack the back end off a dried up marker. It was destined for the garbage but she wanted to see what was inside before throwing it out.

She squeezed the heavy red handles of the pliers and the plastic shattered. Out came a tiny tube of... um...felt? Then the tip of the pen fell out too.  All that was left was an empty plastic case. Carly took the felt tube and the marker tip and soaked them in a little jar of water. They gave the water some colour. Carly repeated the process to create a pallet of colours then used her pipettes to create drop art with the dead marker dye.


Recognizing the value of working with "trash" items, Carly has continued to work her magic and flex her creative powers by upcycling in her closet and kitchen. She's especially fond of cooking wild edibles, cutting up stained t-shirts, trying to stitch her way out of a pile of yarn, feeding her pet red wriggler worms, and fishing with her family. 

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