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Who is the Dead Marker Alchemist? 

Carly Ann Filewich.  About Carly: 

I hold a Bachelor's of Child and Youth Care  from the University of Victoria, and am a certified early childhood educator in BC, Canada.  I live in and protect the traditional territory of the Tla'amin people by locally utilizing as much waste material in my art as possible.   
I've worked with children for many years in school, childcare and recreational settings, and I adore the enthusiasm and energy inherent in youth.  I love making space for young people to bring meaning to their experiences - be they social, educational or creative.  I became a mom in May 2016 and now I teach online and homeschool my daughter.  

Reach me at carly@deadmarkeralchemist.com 
Follow me @deadmarkeralchemist

See and create awesome stories at http://virtualschoolpaper.com 
Learn more about my degree here: https://www.uvic.ca/hsd/cyc/index.php 

Where are meetings held? 

All classes are held online using video conference and learning management system (LMS) programs which are free for learners.   

DMA uses Zoom and Canvas for our online classrooms.   


When are meetings avaliable?

Carly holds classes in Pacific (Vancouver) time between 9 am and 4 pm.   


How do I attend? 

All live meetings are held on https://zoom.us/ which is free to install.  You’ll need to install Zoom before your scheduled class meeting.   

Other class materials and discussions may be shared on Canvas.  If your group requires a Canvas classroom, you’ll receive an invitation via email. The invite will be sent to the email address that you’ve enrolled with.  


What is the refund policy? 

You may withdraw from a set session class for a full refund up to two weeks before the group starts.  If you withdraw with less than two week’s notice, you will be refunded 50% of the class price.   

No refunds will be issued after the meeting start date.  You may transfer to a future session without penalty.   

Subscription classes are paid monthly, you may cancel anytime.  

What can I do if I am not happy with a meeting?

Sometimes, groups don't work out. If you're unhappy for any reason please book a meeting or email Carly as soon as possible.  We can modify schedule and content to the best fit of the group.  Credits or refunds may be given at Carly's discretion.   Classes that require a group (like Recess) will only run with 2+ learners.  If a group meeting cannot be scheduled, booked learners will be fully refunded.  

Can I enroll with school funds? 

Yes! BC learners can fully fund DMA classes! We are approved support providers with selfdesign.org

Dead Marker Alchemist does not support charter school payments, but you can still enroll with Carly using charter funds  at https://outschool.com/teachers/Carly  

Can I enroll after a group has already begun?

Yes.  To enroll after a session has begun please email carly@deadmarkeralchemist.com  

Who can join the meetings?

DMA groups are inclusive of all abilities.  We especially love when a bunch of unschoolers get together, but all learning styles are welcome! 

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