Sandy Beach

Learning is fun.  

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Carly is a wonderful facilitator! She handled my little chatterbox and a bunch of different personalities with grace, patience and good humor. I overheard a lot of the class sessions and was very impressed with both how well she managed the class and how engaged all the kids seemed to be! I am so glad we tried her classes and we will definitely be taking more!

My daughter struggled being in a remote town, social isolated due to bullying and an less than supportive school environment. She requested to be homeschooled and we've been engaged in that successfully (more unschooling than anything) for 3 years.  She has been in recess class for about a year and a half now and it's been a true gift to her.  Developing relationships, conversation, engaging in games and imagination play has been so much fun and something she looks forward to all week.  We are so grateful to Carly for providing this space for joy!

Recess classes with Miss Carly are the highlight of my daughters week. She looks forward to playing games and hanging out with online friends. Kids from all walks of life all over the world come together to just be kids. My younger children also have participated in their own recess classes and always have a blast. Carly is great at getting involved in whatever is important to her students. (I think she knows more about Pokemon then she ever wanted to). Your learner won't be disappointed!

I joined this class because I needed some friends! We made up stories and crazy characters and played lots of fun games.  And I made a friend who I will stay in touch with!  Carly is very funny and fun and she is the host but she is like one of the kids in the group.  She has good control over chaos and knows when to mute people. I will keep taking this class until I'm too old!  I hope that will be never. - Learner, age 14

The Recess classes are the best! My son loves these classes, and they have given him so much confidence. He looks forward to these!