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Buy Better; Spend Less

Fashion advocates earn discounts. 

An advocate is someone who:

  • stands up for what they believe

  • says so in public ways 

  • acts based on their values and what they believe is right


If you are an advocate for ethical fashion practices, submit a blog or vlog piece to carly@deadmarkeralchemist.com

Your piece will be published on the Virtual School Paper  then you'll receive a reply with a link to your writing or video.  If you reply to the link with a class you'd like to attend, you'll get 25% off the regular enrollment fees.  

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world.  Many people employed in the apparel industry don't make a living wage.  Dead Marker Alchemist partners with these companies to get our unschooling families deals from producers who care about the people who create their clothing and the Earth. 

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