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Cleaning the Closet

This inspirational poem by Aolani Achi, age 11, highlights the importance of making informed choices about what we wear. Aolani explains "When people start to think about the world and what’s good for it, they begin to learn what is really happening to our Planet Earth. People are more concerned with the food we consume, but they don’t really think about the clothes we wear and the impact it has on the environment".

Fast Fashion A lack of compassion

Going to the mall Doing a shopping haul The clothes you buy Might be pleasing to the eye But Shadow factories conceal the truth Child labor destroys the youth

Don’t you realize the price you pay? Is harmful to others and causes dismay You’ll probably sell it, or throw it away

A building in Bangladesh came crashing down More than one thousand people buried in the ground I cannot count the cost Of all the people that were lost

Unsafe conditions Harsh chemical emissions Slaves of ambition

Plastic from polyester will not go away It will remain in the landfill and never decay

The True Cost documentary makes you think It will show you the environment on the brink

What do we have to say? When the water is polluted and the fresh air is away And the Earth is brown No trees, no green, just garbage on the ground

Many kids in India are permanently ill Due to toxins they can only sit still

The cotton that we wear Are grown in pesticides, so beware

Things that might seem harmless to you and me Causes so much damage to the sea

Fair Trade is like a tree Its branches stretch out to those in need

I write things like this with a passion And that’s how I know the lack of compassion That exists in Fast Fashion

by Aolani Achi

How can you help?

  1. shop for used clothes when possible

  2. buy new clothing that is made domestically (inside your country)

  3. avoid polyester

  4. make a point to re-use your clothing after cleaning out your closet.

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