Culture and People for Teens

Updated: Apr 20

Join this social gathering once, or many times to connect with awesome people around the world.

This is a meeting where learners are given the opportunity to meet other young people from all over the world. Being in our own spaces offers a unique opportunity to share things that are important to us. Our art, projects, books, toys, and collections are within reach so we can easily learn about each other first hand. Cultural differences are celebrated. Topics are participant driven. We love playing games, hanging out, and being silly. Practice and modeling are the strategies used in this social learning class. Content is focused on learner driven topics as all participants are encouraged to share things that are important or interesting to them.

Group Maximum: 8 people

Ages: 13 to 18

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What people are saying:

Janni Mikkelsen

is with Carly Filewich at Mys Hjemmeskole.

May 8 at 11:24 PM · Ringkøbing, Denmark

Så hvad har My lavet i skolen i dag, spørger i måske? Lærer hun noget fornuftigt?

Nej 🤭 Men, de har det helt vildt hyggeligt med det 😃

So what did My do at school today, you might ask? Is she learning something sensible?

No But, they're having a blast with it

"Bob the Starfish was a naughty starfish. He ate all his friends, (it’s what he does!) he saved the world from Happiness, the evil Dolphin. Looking back now, he regretted nothing. But suddenly SMASH!! An asteroid hit! Bob didn’t die. But Fred died. Who is Fred? Why should we care? We don’t."

Culture and People aka #thekidsarecrazy hos


I joined this class because I needed some friends! We made up stories and crazy characters and played lots of fun games. And I made a friend who I will stay in touch with! Carly is very funny and fun and she is the host but she is like one of the kids in the group. She has good control over chaos and knows when to mute people. I will keep taking this class until I'm too old! I hope that will be never.

- Ruby, 14

My daughter struggled being in a remote town, social isolated due to bullying and an less than supportive school environment. She requested to be homeschooled and we've been engaged in that successfully (more unschooling than anything) for 3 years. She has been in recess class for about a year and a half now and it's been a true gift to her. Developing relationships, conversation, engaging in games and imagination play has been so much fun and something she looks forward to all week. We are so grateful to Carly for providing this space for joy!

-Mom, 51

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