Found Object Crochet

Updated: May 6, 2020

Found Object Crochet

This hands on lab will have learners creating an online portfolio to showcase their wire jewelry creations.

Ages 12 to 18

Crochet experience required. Beginners start here instead.


28 gauge craft wire

Hook in range: 0.6MM/0.75MM/1.0MM

Beads in range: 3MM to 6MM

2 Clasps


-Use a light gauge wire to create crochet cages for found objects

- apply crochet in new and creative ways to accommodate odd shapes and textures

- apply stitches to enhance and display found objects

-create an online artist portfolio and share your work

Session 1:

Wire chains

We will take the wire to the hook and practice, practice, practice chaining. 0.6MM/0.75MM/1.0MM hooks

Project 1: 16 inch chain necklace. Option of single centre bead.

Session 2:

Wrapping with chains

Freeform. We will add a random object of your choice and run chains all over it. Learn how to link into existing crochet.

Project 2: pendant

Session 3:

Portfolio Entries

Overview of creating an online portfolio using wordpress. You’ll get a temporary log in to a wordpress paid editor (for and publish your portfolio with a simple URL.


You can use this to easily direct potential clients to your work.

Session 4:

Wire rounds

Crochet in the round aka... NOT chaining!! Yay! We will start with a magic ring. (It’s less magical with wire!) Then stitch a little wire mandala around it. Like wire lace. Fun jewelry component potential.

Project 3: wire doily

Session 5:

Adding Beads.

To rounds and to chains!

Project 4: bracelet incorporating a round and a chain, both with beaded elements.

Session 6:


Let’s talk clasps, hooks, crimps, jump rings and general ways to make sure your beautiful crochet pieces don’t fall off the wearer.

Session 7:

Portfolio Entries / Finish up projects

Checking in with the wordpress editing. Making sure we are on track to finish all projects and portfolios by next week.

Session 8:

Publish Portfolios

Present your page to the group on the editor for a final round of feedback. Share it with the world.

By Request only.

Beginners start here instead.

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