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Lazy Schooling = Self Directed Kids

Wishing for some hands-off ways to support your young learners? Here are 5 ideas you'll wish you had sooner...

This post contains affiliate links, which help to support the Dead Marker Alchemist scholarship fund, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Lazy schooling is not a bad thing! Giving your learners appropriate resources and space to explore them, is one of the best ways to facilitate learning. It's often tough for us, as parents and educators, to trust that process and stop trying to "drive" the education plan, but without that space we limit our kids. If we want them to chase their dreams, we need to stop asking them to follow along behind us.

1. Audible subscriptions are a great way to access audio books! Great for all levels of readers. Listening to books helps kids to improve comprehension, vocabulary and to intuitively understand the flow of language. Imagination is still fully required, but the decoding element of reading is less without the written word. This multi-sensory reading style is a great way to develop language skills. Pretty great benefits for a "plugged in" activity (without all the drain of screen light)! Your first month is free.

2. FreeTime is Amazon's kid-centric subscription for more than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps. Give it a shot with a free month trial.

3. This air dry, white clay is a great open ended medium for self directed exploration. This is one of those "toys" that I cannot anticipate what kids will use it for. I could never plan activities as valuable the ones that spontaneously occur when the clay comes out.

4. Syringes. Seriously. These Syringes. There's math, chem, physics, art, and they are just plain fun! Use with water colors (I LOVE this pocket set) or just water. With a syringe, 100 ml of fluid and a couple of containers have never been so engaging.

5. This mandala painting tool kit looks like endless hours of fun. Again, math disguised as art - hurrah! So many "art" concepts are used in engineering, industry and design. Can you draw a 60 degree angle accurately? I wish my brain had practiced more as a kid! The skills we practice, don't always get used in the same way we practice them.

What are your best activities for self directed learning? Share your unschooling tips in the comments below!

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