Makers Clubs

This is a space to celebrate creators. If you're a maker of any kind, join us to share your work.


  • your presentation skills

  • giving and receiving feedback

  • asking questions

  • making observations

  • explaining your creative process

  • connecting meaning to your artwork

The term "maker" is open to interpretation! If your child has "made" a toy into a special character - that's creativity! If they're building with Lego or blocks or cardboard, we would love to see it! No masterpieces required to drop in and share something special.

Ages 5 to 8 - 30 min meeting/ week, groups of 5 max

Ages 8 to 12 - 45 min meeting/ week, , groups of 6 max

Ages 12 to 15 - 50 min meeting/ week, groups of 8 max

Ages 15 to 18 - 50 min meeting/ week, groups of 8 max

By request.

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