Nature Explorers Club

Join Other Young Naturalists from Around the World!

Join this virtual club for live meetings every week!

We will share nature highlights from our own parts of the world. Carly is in BC, Canada and loves to share photos of the Pacific Ocean and all it's critters. The coastal temperate rainforest is pretty great too.

Learners will be asked to take 1 to 5 photos each week to share with the club members during our live meeting. We love if you do a little research about what you found, so you can share your nature experiences with us fully.

Carly writes a monthly "Nature Highlights" newsletter and some of your photos may be featured!

Club meets online using Zoom Conference Software.


4 to 7 years - groups of 5 max, 30 min meetings

7 to 10 years - groups of 8 max, 45 min meetings

10+ years - groups of 8 max, 55 min meetings

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