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Preparing For Protecting

Continued from Part 1

There are a few precautions one can take in order to provide some individual safeguards against ripple shocks. Items of use include shells, sticks, stones and other natural items. By carrying these, we can provide additional points of contact with the Earth Realm and increase the stability of the physical world. Items directly related to life will have a greater spiritual influence, as the shell can remember it's snail who now crawls in the spirit world.

Pocketing your items is a better practice than simply wishing a rock or leaf will be handy when needed, but the best protection available comes from direct contact with the skin. This is why jewelry was invented.

Individual safeguards are the most basic level of magical safety. First, they indicate an acknowledgement of Magic on Earth, which is itself very important for the future of the Society of Young Magicians. Second, they communicate to the energy beings that we wish to remain in the Earth Realm. Most energy beings are agreeable, but easily misunderstand humans as they don't know what it is like to have a body. They don't understand that we don't care for their inter-dimensional travel and so we must remind them by carrying bits of our beloved Earth on our bodies.

A much more powerful strategy for protection is to always travel with a companion. Ideally, that would be a group of adults. A single adult is the next best choice, then a group or pair of children. When human companions are not possible, you can bring an animal companion, as their spirits will amplify the powers of your other protective methods.

Members of the Society all care for multiple animal companions. You'll notice fish swimming in vials strung around our necks, birds on our shoulders, cats in our laps and dogs at our heels. Some, like my falcon are more obvious than others, but I assure you, you'll want to adopt a companion or two if you plan to be of any use in the Society of Young Magicians.

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