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Virtual School Paper is a site that is 100% written by kids. All the content we publish is created by someone who is 18 or younger. Kids as young as 2 years old have been published on

Who can join?

We are always looking for new members (ages 4 to 18) to be a part of the team! Meetings are held live on Zoom and are divided by age. We meet in small groups, of 2 to 6 learners and explore web publishing using WordPress. Anyone who wants to learn about web publishing is welcome to join! No experience required.

How does it work?

When you join the team you get a special log in ID unique to you. You'll start off with basic permissions, you'll be able to write a post but will need approval to get it published. As you learn more about the editor's tools, you'll gain more permissions and be able to do more things with the site editor. You can access your editing tools 24/7 and work on your posts anytime you like.

What are the meetings for?

Our editors and publishers team will meet live weekly using Zoom Video Conferencing. During the live meetings we will generate creative content. We might write a funny story together or share a photo that meets a weekly theme. We may create digital art, or sound clips to share. We might make up more ideas together! We will always support each other in creating the best site possible.

Why join?

There are countless ways to add content to the internet - so why post your stuff here? VSP is all about creating an online community and culture that is by kids, and for kids. Co-editors quickly become friends while creating fun and engaging posts together. Before long, we are having so much fun that we forget we are learning!

Sound like the place for you? Let's get your meetings scheduled now!

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