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The Foraging Toddler

Most every day we spend some of our time in the forest. We talk about what we can eat and what we leave for the birds and animals.

This video is a snap of what happens when a 2.5 year old who has never been to a city of more than 13 000 people gets to go shopping in the "BIG City". It was the first time she hid from me in a clothing rack, the first time she rode on a ferry boat (she is still claiming credit for the exterior paint job of the ship), and definitely not the first or the last eye roll for Mom. We are not big hunters, but Zio did get a little deer on the weekend. I honestly don't know where she learned to shoot the buck! She thought the gun was a fishing rod for the first 20 minutes. Maybe it's from watching me yell at the deer who eat my garden...

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