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The Protectors | VSP Summer Special

Fear. Adults and children experience it very differently.  Very few adults recall feeling True Fear.  Adult fear is a worry, maybe a fear of death or of rejection.  There is always a subject of the fear.  This worry-fear is an entirely different sensation of the mind than True Fear.  

True Fear can only be felt by the young. By those spirits who are new to their bodies; those who have not fully rooted in their physical forms.  Many Earth societies record how their children are able to tune to frequencies that the adults cannot reach.  The newly matched spirit and body still vibrate wildly and the two can be shaken apart if not cared for properly.

There are places on our Earth Realm where inter-dimensional beings or Energy Beings tend to frequent. The Energy Beings enjoy shifting into Earth Realm and know how to do it at will.  There are not doors, nor portals to be found.  There is no rabbit hole at which to apply caution tape.  They are simply favourite places of the Sasquatch, Fairy and Elf peoples.  Still, they are places that human children should fear. 

An unrooted spirit is very vulnerable when exposed to dimensional shifts in close proximity.  When a being from another frequency shifts their energy into or out of the Earth Realm, a wake ripples from the shift point through the physical realm.  For a fully rooted spirit, this is a minor event.  It may be experienced as a sad thought, or perhaps a moment of gratitude, largely depending on how that spirit is journeying in that body at that time.  But for a young person, whose spirit is still vibrating drastically, an energy wake crashing over their physical body can be devastating.  The chances that a lone spirit can hang on to a young body through this crash is very small.  This critical separation is the essence of True Fear.  

The fear is strong. It has to be, for the Magic is strong too.  The magic draws the children, it calls to them.  They want to dance with the Faeries and feast with the Elf Council. They think the revelry of the energy beings is exciting; and of course it is.  In the days before, adults would teach the secrets of the spirit world and energy beings, but now they have forgotten.  They see the beings only as story characters, and when they are visited in their dreams they treat the messages as silly stories too.  They are no longer providing the teachings and tools to allow the children to engage safely with the spirit world.  That is why we are here now...

Welcome to the Society of Young Magicians. 

This flex style writing class will  collaborate to create a written policy for the practice and performance of Magic on Earth.  Creative Writing Group - April to August 2019.  No instructor deadlines.  Open collaboration. 

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