Wellness Cohort

Ages 11 to 13

  • Started Oct. 4
  • 600 Canadian dollars
  • online with zoom

Service Description

Learning Wellness Program - Approved for funding with SelfDesign. Wellness Priorities This program is designed to foster community wellness for young self-directed learners. We focus on relationships and wellbeing in this virtual, non-academic, 30 week program. Social, emotional, and cultural wellness are priorities in our learning. We will think about building self esteem, growing friendships, practicing gratitude and ways we contribute in our communities. Meaningful Connections Learners join a cohort of 6 people, who meet each week in an interactive virtual classroom. All the best parts of school get mixed into our group sessions. We play games, make friends, work together, share our favourite things and get a sense of who we are in the world. This is a great program to compliment enrollment in your distance learning (DL) school of choice. Skills in Practice The meetings are facilitated in a relaxed and cooperative style. Learners are offered help with managing their own meetings. Each week, we discuss how we would like to spend our time. Each participant manages their own audio and video with support from the facilitator. Learners gain not only virtual conference skills, but also build their presentation experience, listening skills, and ability to cooperate with their peers. Many learners become friends and continue to meet outside of the group. Global Culture Because this is a virtual group, it is made up of kids from all around the world. Joining a learning cohort is a bit like having 5 penpals. It becomes second nature to learn about other places when making friends with people who live far away. Learn about other cultures and share about yours. ​ Collaborative Contributions We also build community by working on a collaborative project. All learners in the program help to publish our Virtual School Paper on virtualschoolpaper.com Our website is dedicated to centering young people. It provides amplification for the work and ideas created by kids and teens. Contributors get real life feedback (site analytics) about who in the world is seeing their posts. We work using WordPress. Each learner has the option to request an invitation, create an account and draft their own posts. Learners typically post under anonymous names, but some take full credit for their work!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If you can't attend your scheduled meeting, I'll send you a refund (minus the PayPal fees) up to a week in advance of the start date. If you decide to cancel at less than a weeks notice the refund is 50%. For multi-session groups I don't refund for missed meetings once the group has started. Private sessions may be rescheduled for free with 48 hours notice or at the discretion of the instructor. Inappropriate conduct or use of services may result in termination of services without refund. By joining this learning community, participants agree to behave respectfully towards other learners and their families. Any acts of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms of bigotry will result in immediate removal from services without refund.

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