By Carly AKA Dead Marker Alchemist 



On choosing activities (with food):

Playdough, rice bins, macaroni and bean art... are activities that I believe can send the message that we dont value food. While North American food waste statistics show that this unfortunately is the case, I aim to set a better example for food product use. I use food products only when creating something that will be cherished in a way as to honour the consumption it requires. 

For example - I use a food grade, air dry clay made using corn products and baking soda (I'd classify them closer to "feed" than to "food" but besides that...) because it is a non toxic product that children will be exposing their skin to. Skin is made to absorb so I dont want to ask learners to be in contact with anything chemically harsh. Also the final product is a piece of jewelry or a tiny hand print ornament that will be around for what it's worth. 

Play with recognized foods, like beans or rice, implies to children that we have so much of this sh** that we are just letting the kids roll around in it for fun. We dont. Where was your rice bin rice grown? Are there any people there without adequate food security? How about in your city? I cant watch my child splash in dried beans knowing that there are others who worry about feeding their children. 

Perhaps a macaroni angel on your Christmas tree is a symbol of your Italian heritage, maybe your Nona shaped the pasta herself, I'm not here to judge artistic expression, as food certainly has been described as art, but to ask; why? How come you put that angel on your tree? Tell me what it means to you. I hope that each choice I make, resonates with the deeper expressions of who I choose to be. This helps me to stay curious about the choices of others; I love to hear your stories. 

I understand that my actions speak in waves so I'm mindful of the products and activities that I promote, especially surrounding food, especially in an educational context. 

On Class/ Meeting Conduct 

Eat, drink and be respectful. Use the washroom. Do what you need to do to make the most of your live time without ruining anyone else's. 

Any disclosure of intention to harm self or others will be reported to parent's email. 

Zero tolerance for bullying. Learner will be immediately removed from the live meeting with report to parent's email to follow. 

On Ability 

People of all neuro and physical abilities are welcome at groups, classes and clubs. 

If you want to share any specific needs you have, I am happy to listen and will do my best to accommodate.

On Reading:

Reading involves interpreting linear symbols that have no obvious relationship with their meanings. This makes it exclusive. Letters, unlike hieroglyphics for example, have no visual connection to the ideas they Express. Text is intended be read through in a specific order. This seems a uniquely 

adult male way of thinking, and nothing I would coerce in a young, imaginative brain. I personally follow Scandinavia?n model and will wait for 7 years old to begin literacy learning. 

Professionally, I will make exceptions. Some kids have just got to know how! I'll trust their parents in making the decision to jump into reading. 


On Services: 

I facilitate learning from a person centered perspective. I dislike saying "I teach"...its unschooly facilitation. It's being with my learners. 

I assume all children and youth to be capable and intentional people, and aim to be curious about them in order to learn what it is they can, and want to do. Ideally, their CLASSMATES and I can help them do it a little better. Worst case, they leave me in the dust; I loudly cheer them on, marvel at their genius, and try to stay out of their brilliant ways.