Wildwood Learners

Local Cooperative Learning

This is a local learning co-op for families with children ages 4 to 7.  Learners who are enrolled with schools or programs (such as SelfDesign, Island Discovery, PIE) or are registered homeschoolers  are welcome.  Our secular learning community is inclusive. Accommodations are encouraged as we strive to create person centered opportunities for learning.  




Unschool / Self directed Learning

Learning without coercion 

Children as whole people

Parents as partners

Values + Beliefs + Passions

Community + Relationships

Some Options


Distance Learning programs and Independent Schools provide support and require regular reporting. Here's a quick breakdown of Some unschooling friendly options:

SelfDesign - $600 per year, 3 learning moments per week to report (under 500 words total)

Island Discovery - 3 reports per year.

Registered homeschoolers - do not have any reporting. They do not work with a certified teacher. Learners who graduate as registered homeschoolers do not receive a dogwood certificate.

For detailed laws and policy read:

Homeschooling Policy - Province of BC

BC School Act


How it works

We plan together for our best fit each term! 

We meet regularly for both structured and unstructured learning. We also facilitate flexible schedule events (such as painted rock hunts, letterboxing, etc.) for local families to enjoy on their own time. 

Families who participate in the group are responsible for planning and facilitating the term's events and activities as agreed upon at time of sign up.  Planning/sign up will happen in September and January each year.  There will be no formal group during Summer. 

If you're interested, email us with a short description of your family and what you hope to bring to the Co-op. Thanks! 

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